a monumental mistake was the widely held belief that subliminal messaging was not and could not be effective.

“it’s been proven,” said the masses, their heads all ajar.

the ultimate downfall happened the way depression’s onset has been described: “gradually and then suddenly.” to be fair, awareness was not widespread. even those with hints of knowledge had a tendency to intimidate and fumble at the mere prospect of awakening another. awakening was rare. it’s been said that the awake knew they could never win, but continued attempting to spread the word if only to feel they had washed away some of the bloody filth inflicted upon them by the controllers.

the craftsmanship sickened. they created aesthetically perfect vessels, entirely void of soul. blind to the differences, we immediately fell down, worshipping their apparent superiority. with empty eyes, they ruled the collective conscious. they created and controlled hatred, greed, and perhaps to the most detriment, lust. humanity immersed itself in soulless vessels until the actual soul was unrecognizable. the actual soul became as an alien.

a vessel once tweeted, “everything you need to know you can find by looking at your hands.”

i glanced down at my fingers briefly in confusion. then i continued to scroll.

and scroll. and scroll. and scroll. and scroll.

“everything you need to know you can find by looking at your hands.”

i'd be thrilled to hear your true, uncensored thoughts. i'd also love to read your writing.