i propose a dare of sorts in which we fine-tune the manipulation of written language without hiding. we scrawl words across the paper unapologetically as we mold them and master them. we turn a simple provocation into the complete unraveling of a mind while witnessing a masterpiece create itself.

i propose a dare of sorts in which we cease to dilute the ugly. rather, we present it wholly that it be recognized, experienced, and ultimately devoured. we do not shy away from showing the true sources of sickness. we avoid creating coats of sugar clichés to contrast the sour.

we tell them what they really want to hear. we tell them the full, raw tale in its entirety. we tell them about the ulcer and the anxiety and the medication and how i couldn’t live with myself. we tell them about the ash in the bed and the cigarette burns and the wallowing. we tell them how you despised the scent of your own sheets; about the disgust.

and the shame.

i propose a dare of sorts in which, ironically unabashed, we tell them about the shame.

i'd be thrilled to hear your true, uncensored thoughts. i'd also love to read your writing.